Pupils’ understanding and enjoyment of music is developed through activities that bring together Performing, Composing, Theory, Listening and Appreciation.

Pupils perform solo/small groups and as a whole class, will compose on their own and in small groups, will be taught to sing and play a variety of music and will listen to and develop understanding of music from different times and places.

Pupils have access to tuned and untuned percussion instruments, keyboards, guitars, and a piano. They are also encouraged to bring their own instruments to the lessons for performance, demonstration and composition purposes.

ICT equipment with specialist music software is used to enhance the music lessons.

Pupils are encouraged to join the Senior Choir, Orchestra, Senior Percussion Ensemble and Guitar Ensemble. All Senior pupils participate in the Festival of Carols.

A wide range of peripatetic lessons are available, including drums, percussion, strings, keyboard, piano, woodwind, brass and vocals.

Year 7


  • Performing together
  • Developing simple musical ideas
  • Music from around the world
  • The use of Riffs and Ostinati
  • The use of the pentatonic scale in composition
  • Developing basic keyboard, guitar and percussion performance skills. 
  • Singing and Performing a wide variety of music
  • Developing and understanding of musical elements.
Year 8


  • Revision and continuation of Year 7 syllabus
  • Discovering different ways to improvise
  • Using the voice as an instrument.
  • Performing with different rhythmical textures.
  • Further developing improvisation skills.
  • The history of dance music from Pavanne to Club dance
  • Film music
  • The use of motifs
  • The use of Leitmotifs
Year 9


  • Revision and continuation of Year 7 and 8 work
  • Reggae Music
  • Blues
  • Rock and Roll
  • Use of Cubase and sequencing. 
  • Song writing
  • Composing melodies
  • Working with chord sequences
  • Developing structure and strophic form
  • Disco
  • Group/Ensemble Performance

The elements of GCSE Music aim to promote our cultural development and involvement in music as performers, listeners and composers through the study of a wide range of music. It provides a channel for self-expression and creativity and the opportunity to fulfil potential and talent by the development of personal skills such as communication, sensitiveness, self-confidence and awareness.

The course consists of 2 integrated areas:

  1. Listening and Appraising (40%)
  1. Covering 5 areas of study. My Music. The Concerto Through Time. Rhythms of the World.  Film Music.  Conventions of Pop.
  1. Coursework portfolio.   (60%)
  1. Students best solo performance and best ensemble performance. 1 students own brief composition which fits into any of the 5 areas of study, and 1 exam board brief (several to choose from) which fits into any of the 5 areas of study. 
The skills that Music develops are those the business world increasingly appreciates – namely, creativity, flexibility, adaptability, self-confidence and self-reliance. It is enjoyable, rewarding and would be complementary to many career opportunities.  






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