Art and Design/Textiles

We offer a wide variety of lunchtime workshops and after school sessions. Students regularly exhibit work in School, and in local and national competitions and exhibitions. The department manages the School gallery which has a frequently changing exhibition programme. 

Year 7: Still Life and Natural Forms.

Areas of focus include; drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, textiles, mixed media, and artist analysis - investigating 20th and 21st Century Artists and Designers.

Students' will explore proportion, shape, form, tone, texture and scale, utilising a wide range of materials and techniques. A visit to a local ceramic factory/exhibition will provide project stimulus. This will lead to a series of large-scale outcomes, which will include; a painting, ceramic sculpture and mixed media textile piece.

Year 8: Portraiture and Sculpture

Areas of focus include; drawing, painting, sculpture, 3D design, mixed media, and artist analysis - investigating 20th and 21st Century Artists and Designers.

Students will investigate the work of a variety of traditional and contemporary artists. Students will explore and enhance their use of the visual elements within a critical and contextual context. They will produce a self-portrait painting in the style of a chosen artist.

A visit to Yorkshire Sculpture Park will lead to the collaborative construction of large-scale sculptures.

Year 9: GCSE Skills and Workshops

All students will be encouraged to explore their own ideas and concepts within a holistic environment. This will encompass; creativity, artist research, experimentation, technical ability, independence, and, traditional and contemporary skills and techniques.


Students studying Art and Design/Textiles at GCSE will learn to develop their visual perception and understanding of the creative, imaginative and practical skills for working in art, craft and design.

Throughout the course, they will develop an appreciation of the richness of our cultural heritage, and foster interests and enthusiasm through a sense of achievement, which will build personal confidence and then be reflected in their work.

The course encourages exploration of both two and three-dimensional media. Students will explore a wide range of techniques and materials, such as; print making, textiles, photography, ceramics and mixed media, with observation, drawing and painting at the centre of all experimentation.

Students will complete two GCSEs, one in Art and Design and one in Textiles. At the end of each year, they will have produced one unit of coursework, one unit of exam work and have a ten-hour exam. They will exhibit their work for the Exhibition and moderation at the end of May.

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Entrance Assessment - 12th November 2020

Following a successful appointment only Open Week, our Entrance Assessment for children wishing to join Year 7 in September 2021 will take place on 12th November 2020.

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******GCSE results 2020 - 63% of students have been awarded 1 or more grade 8 or above, 47% of grades awarded were grade 7 or above, key top performing students achieved grades 7 - 9 across all subjects*******