School House System


The House System at St Dominic’s Priory School allows every student and member of staff to feel a sense of belonging by becoming a member of either Newman, Romero or Teresa House. By being a member of the House family, students and staff are encouraged to show team spirit as each house strives to excel in the different areas of School life while ‘living and Learning with Christ as our Guide’.

Every student and member of staff has a coloured badge that represents the House that they are in, Red for Newman House, Green for Romero House and Blue for Teresa House. Each House is overseen by a Head of House; Ms Jovanovic for Romero House, Mrs Kemp for Newman House and Mrs Longmore for Teresa House. Each House meets regularly for assemblies led by the House Captains; this breaks down barriers between the year groups and creates a sense of togetherness where older students can look out for the younger ones.

There are many House events throughout the year from all areas of school life. This blend ensures that everyone has the opportunity to represent their House in something that they enjoy or are good at. For example, House events include various art and sporting activities, fundraising for charity and quizzes. These competitions are eagerly anticipated by the students and each House is well represented.

Introducing our Head and Deputy Head Students:


I am delighted to have become the new Head Student. I have been at St Dominic’s for over 6 years and have a younger brother in year 9. I am looking forward to fulfilling the role of Head Studentand helping to promote the school in the wider community. I am a keen member of the school who enjoys lots of activities, in particular, sport which often allows me to demonstrate my competitive spirit! As head student, I hope to be a good role model for everyone at St Dominic’s and in particular, I would encourage students to make the most of any opportunities that come up at school as I have gained a lot of skills and friends from doing so. I want everyone in the school to feel that they can approach me at any time with any problems, questions or suggestions they may have. I am always happy to help and am keen to engage with students of all ages.






  It is an honour and a privilege to accept the role of Deputy Head Student. I have been at this school for seven years and I enjoy Music and Performing Arts. I am a member of the Senior Choir,   Orchestra   and Percussion Ensemble. I am really looking forward to participating in school competitions and promoting our school.





 Introducing our Prefects:

Megan - Catholic Life Prefect 

I am honored and excited to be Catholic Life prefect for a second year!  The Catholic life of our school is at the core of school values and is so so important as it holds us all together.  This year I will be working with lots of students andteachers to ensure that our Catholic life is sustained to its high standard and as many students and staff are able to get involved in masses, assemblies and everyday prayer as possible.

St Dominic’s and its Catholic family ethos has always been a part of my life and as I prepare to leave the school in my twelfth year I relish the opportunity to pass on all the morals and knowledge I have gained from it, in this role.



Amelia - Marketing Prefect

 I’m Amelia and I am this year’s Marketing Prefect. I have been a St Dominic’s   student for four years and am proud to represent our school.

 I am looking forward to sharing the achievements, inside and outside of school, of   our pupils.

 My favourite subjects are: business, (which will help me to progress in this role),   art, (which will contribute to the design and photography), and I have a passion   for Spanish.




Miren - Performing Arts Prefect

Hi I’m Miren and I’m delighted to be the performing arts prefect at St Dominic’s during my final year. I have been at the school since year four and have played an active role in the performing arts department since. I can’t wait to take on this role of helping and encouraging others of all abilities and confidence levels to enjoy and be able to express themselves in all the different areas of performing arts as much as I have!




Daisy - Music Prefect

 I am so beyond happy and grateful about being awarded the Music Prefect role.  I am looking forward to being able to involve as many students as I can in activities and performances to come.  Being awarded the Music Prefect role has made me feel more excited to be in Year 10.  It has given me so many opportunities to look forward to.





Holly - Art Prefect

Hi, I’m Holly and I am the art prefect this year.  I love all types of art, especially water colour and have been drawing since I can remember.  It is an honour for me to be art prefect and have the opportunity to help others to find their own creative path and learn new skills.





 Introducing our Sports Captains:



 I am delighted to be the Sports Captain for this year. I have been at St Dominic’s since prep school and have always been a keen participant in sports. I am especially passionate about netball.

 I am looking forward to taking on the responsibility of Sports Captain and encouraging all students to get involved in sport, keeping up the team spirit of St Dominic’s.






I am really looking forward to being Sports Captain this year.  I have been here since Year 7 and I have opted to study PE at GCSE level.  I love playing football!  I'm excited to help with many sport events this year.


 Introducing our House Captains:

Newman House

Sophie - Newman House Captain

 I am Sophie, a Newman House Captain, and I have been at this school since year 7. I am looking forward to begin this role and everything it brings from house competitions to arranging charity   fundraisers. I hope to encourage the Newman house students to get involved in as many things as possible in order to become the best house at St Doms.





Tabby - Newman House Deputy Captain

 Hello, I am Tabby, and I have been at St. Dominic’s since year 5 and I am very excited to be a deputy house captain for Newman. I look forward to many great competitions and earning lots of house points   and I hope you do too! My favourite subjects are History, Spanish and Art. 




Romero House

Eleanor - Romero House Captain

 I am Eleanor and I am House Captain for Romero.  This is my 5th year at St Dominic’s and throughout my time I have taken part in many quizzes and competitions.  I am proud to be a house Captain and I   hope that we, in Romero House, can all participate in as many activities as we can to attempt to win this year!


Sophie - Romero House Deputy Captain

Hi, I’m Sophie Titley and I am the Deputy House Captain of Romero House this year. I have been at this school for 7 years now and I always love taking part in house competitions for my house. My favourite subjects are Maths, History and Performing Arts. I can’t wait to start doing some more competitions and earning more house points for Romero and I hope you are too.



Teresa House

Philippa - Teresa House Captain

 Hello, my name is Philippa and I am head of Teresa House.  I have been at St Dominic’s since I was 7 and I have loved every moment of it.  My main passions are performing arts, cross country and   learning.  Alex and I are really excited to have become the new House Captains of Teresa House.  We can’t wait to run House competitions from Pre-School to Year 11, making sure everyone feels   included.





Alex - Teresa House Deputy Captain

Hi, my name is Alex and I’m Deputy House Captain for Teresa House.  I am very pleased to have been given the opportunity to be a prefect.  I’m looking forward to hosting and planning future House competitions and awarding house points.  I hope to see Teresa House on top with house points!


Introducing our rewards system

At St Dominic’s Priory School we recognise the importance of rewarding achievements. Students are awarded House Points within lessons, for extra-curricular achievements and for demonstrating the Spirit of St Dominic.
Certificates and pin badges are presented during our ‘Celebration Assemblies’ which are held each half term.
Students can work towards achieving the following levels of award;


Please see each House area for further information below;

Romero House

Oscar Romero was the Archbishop of El Salvador in the 1970s. At that time, in this Latin American country, most of the wealth was held by just a handful of families, whilst the majority of the population lived in extreme poverty. Priests that spoke out against this unfair system were often tortured or even murdered. Romero had been a quiet priest, but when he became Archbishop, he quickly realised that he had to speak for the people;

‘The world that the Church must serve is the world of the poor’, he said.Romero Custom

For three years Romero was a fearless leader: he wrote letters to the government and the military; he openly and consistently preached about the rights of the poor and against injustice and oppression; he sent words of comfort and hope to the people via his little radio station that he set up at home; he pleaded with the soldiers that came to Mass to disobey the law if it opposed God’s law; he was ‘the voice of the voiceless’.

Romero knew that his life was in danger, but he had no choice but to continue. He said, ‘They will kill me, but I will rise again in the people of El Salvador’ Sure enough, he was silenced by an assassin’s bullet, at the altar, saying Mass, on 24th March 1980. He was the people’s hero, and now a martyr. The people of El Salvador called him a saint both during his life and after his death, but he was officially canonised (or made a saint) by Pope Francis (our first Latin American Pope) in October 2018.

We can be inspired by Romero and his brave challenge against injustice. He calls on us to make a change, to make a difference:

Aspire not to have more, but to be more.

‘’Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness; they will be satisfied.’’ (Mt 5:6)

Newman House

John Henry Newman is set to become a saint later this year.NEwman Custom
Newman was a very intelligent as well as a very devout man. He studied at Oxford and entered the Church of England, serving as an Anglican priest for several years. However, his studying drew
him to the Catholic Church and he left the Church of England to become a Catholic, in 1845. He was quickly ordained a Catholic priest and later a cardinal. He was a very important figure in the
Church, writing and delivering lectures, in a country that, at that time, was quite anti –Catholic; in fact, it was a common occurrence for priests to be pelted with rotten fruit and stones in the street
and for churches to be attacked. Becoming a Catholic came at a great price for Newman; he lost many friends and even his family became distant. However, he was convinced that he had made
the right choice and that God had a plan for him; ‘I will trust Him’, he said. And he wrote,

‘God has created me to do him some definite service. He has committed some work to me which he has not committed to another. I have my mission.’

Newman is particularly associated with our diocese and our parish, being received into the Church by our own Blessed Dominic Barberi, the young priest who walked daily from Alton, past
jeering mobs, to say Mass in our little St Anne’s Chapel.

We can be inspired by Newman in our response to our vocation, trusting in God’s love for us in whatever it is we are called to be.

‘’Blessed are the pure in heart; they shall see God.’’(Mt 5:8)

Teresa House

Teresa (christened Agnes) was born into a poor family in Kosovo in Serbia in 1910. At 12 years old she felt called to a life serving God and so she became a nun, joining the Irish order of Loreto sisters.
However, she spent the majority Teresa Customof her life, loving and caring for the poor, the vulnerable and those no one else would care for, in India. To begin with she taught in a good school in Calcutta, but when she saw the suffering on the streets of the city and the general disregard for human life, she stepped away from her comfortable lifestyle and set up, first a school for slum children, then homes for the poor and dying. She was quickly joined by other volunteers and after securing permission from the Pope, they established themselves as an order called, the Missionaries of Charity. She took in many destitute, diseased and dying people; she did not claim to be able to cure them but she bathed them and fed them, she showed them that they were loved and gave them dignity. When challenged about her work and how she could stomach it, she said, ’I look into the face of every dying person and I see the face of Christ.’ Although she died in 1997, the Missionaries of Charity continue her work, caring for the poorest and most vulnerable in many countries of the world today.

Teresa was a humble and obedient servant, refusing any privilege, living simply - among those she cared for and choosing to dress in a habit that reflected the dress of those around her. She was awarded the Nobel Peace prize in 1979 and, although she refused to attend the lavish banquet she accepted the honour humbly and requested that the prize money go straight to helping the poor.

Mother Teresa has been called the greatest humanitarian of the twentieth century.

In 2016 Mother Teresa was canonised by Pope Francis, so we can now call her Saint Teresa of Calcutta.

Although we may think the problems of the world are too great for us to ever solve we can be inspired by Saint Teresa of Calcutta’s words. She said: 

‘We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop’, and 

‘Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love’ 

We can learn a great deal from her words, her humility, and her example of service.

''Blessed are the meek; they shall inherit the earth.'' (Mt5:5)

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