Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) – 2015

"Staff working closely with parents who appreciate the loving family atmosphere and the way staff treat each child as a valued individual."

"The quality of provision for children of all abilities is outstanding"

" All children are happy, extremely confident and eager to learn. Children's behaviour is exemplary throughout the setting."

Curriculum8482d Custom

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (EYFS), which is carefully structured to provide rich and stimulating experiences, which are relevant, imaginative, motivating, enjoyable and challenging. It is based on the Statutory Framework for Early Years Foundation Stage.

The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum is organised into seven areas of learning, and are detailed below, as well as specific quotations from our Ofsted inspection. The areas of learning appear in two groups – Prime and Specific.

Prime areas are fundamental, work together and move through to support development in all areas.

Specific areas include essential skills and knowledge for children to participate successfully in society.

Prime Areas7093s Custom

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Successful personal, social and emotional development is critical for very young children in all aspects of their lives and gives them the best opportunity for success in all other areas of learning. We focus on the children’s ability to work, play and co-operate with each other. The emphasis is on sharing, caring and taking turns. Staff act as positive role models through what they say and do. Children need to know what acceptable behaviour is. Praise and encouragement are always used.

‘Children are very confident and work well independently. Children enjoy receiving praise given and consistently use their manners’ – OFSTED

Communication and Language

This area of learning includes communication, speaking and listening in different situations and for different purposes. Children are given opportunities to express themselves in a variety of activities and are encouraged to question their experiences.

‘Children are confident and fluent speakers and engage easily in conversation with each other and adults- OFSTED

Physical Development

Effective physical development helps children develop a positive sense of well-being. We have excellent facilities (Priory Hall, the multi-purpose Sport’s Centre and indoor and outdoor space within the Nursery Unit) in which children may improve skills of co-ordination, control, manipulation and movement. Fine motor skills and the development of hand/eye co-ordination are promoted through cutting, threading, painting, drawing etc.

‘Children move confidently and safely.’ – OFSTED

Specific Areas7139s Custom


Children are given opportunities to share and enjoy a wide range of stories, rhymes and non-fiction books. Early reading and writing skills are developed through play activities. Children follow the Letters and Sounds programme to develop their phonetic knowledge.

‘Children’s writing skills are well developed’ – OFSTED


Through enjoyable and practical activities, using a wide range of equipment and resources, children are able to sort, match, count, weigh and solve problems. Number rhymes, songs, stories and counting games are taught.

‘Children use and understand numbers well and practise their skills regularly. Strong emphasis is given to developing children’s mathematical skills.’ – OFSTED

Understanding of the World7109s Custom

Children are given opportunities to develop the crucial knowledge, skills and understanding that helps them make sense of the world. This forms the foundation for work in science, history, geography and information and communication technology. There are wonderful school grounds to explore and the children have access to computers.

‘Children have good opportunities to learn about the wider world. Celebrations of festivals from different cultures take place and parents visit to talk about their faith.’ – OFSTED

Expressive Arts and Design

Creativity is fundamental to successful learning. This area of learning includes art, music, dance, role play and imaginative play. We provide a stimulating environment in which creativity, originality and expressiveness are valued. Children have time to explore and experiment with ideas, materials and activities. There is specialist teaching for music and dance.

‘Children express their ideas and imagination freely through a range of activities such as role-play, painting, dancing and musical instruments.’ – OFSTED

Special Needs

Any EYFS children with special needs will be included, valued and supported. They will have access, alongside their peers, to the facilities and activities, wherever reasonable, in order to promote their welfare and development. We always strive to educate our children to show care and consideration for those who have needs that are different from their own.

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