Primary 6 have done an amazing job of producing some fabulous Roman buildings by using the packaging from their Easter eggs; which we were told were very enjoyable!

They created Roman villas, baths, Hadrian’s wall, a village home, temples and even a Roman stable for the soldier's horses!

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Over the Easter holidays, Primary 5 have worked incredibly hard to produce some amazing river models.Which showed the features of a river from source to mouth, including tributaries, deltas, flood plains and much more.

This was a great way to showcase all the geographical terminology P5 had been working on last term.

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Well done everybody! Our Lenten lunches have raised: £136.88

The money has been sent off to Cafod, and they will use it to make a difference to the lives of our brothers and sisters in the developing world. Mrs Cook was moved to see the way in which, once more, St Dominic’s pupils entered into the spirit of the Lenten lunches; they have eaten simply and given generously so that others may simply eat.

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Please Click Here  to read ‘Staffordshire Newsletters’ article about Caitlyn Disley in Year 7, and how she will be representing Staffordshire under-13s at the Butterfly Schools’ National Individual Table Tennis Championships, at Aldersley Stadium, Wolverhampton on Saturday, April 21. 

Well done Caitlyn, an amazing achievement.

Term ended with a moving Stations of the Cross service in Priory Hall, led by Year 9 pupils.

The Eighth Station, ‘Women of Jerusalem’, provided a focus and had been sculpted out of wire and metal. The piece was inspired by the Sean Rice Stations, viewed earlier in the term on a visit to Liverpool’s Catholic cathedral.

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Our Key Stage 3 students enjoyed an instructive and enjoyable day at the Museum of Science and Industry, situated on the site of the world’s first inter-city railway station in Manchester, the cradle of the Industrial Revolution.

The museum not only illustrates how scientific ideas are used to develop useful machines with interactive displays and exhibits, but also describes the social changes and impact on the population. A truly cross-curricular experience.

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