A group of ten Year 9 students travelled to North Wales last week to participate in a Geography Residential visit. They stayed at the Field Studies Centre in Betws-y-Coed and enjoyed three days of Geographical fieldwork in the glorious autumn sunshine!

The aims of the visit were:

• To provide the opportunity for the learners to undertake physical geographical fieldwork, experiencing firsthand the geographical investigation process
• To allow learners to improve their knowledge and understanding of the glaciated landscapes, river processes and tourism management
• To give learners the chance to experience the varied landscapes of North Wales first hand in order to spark curiosity and enjoyment of natural and built environments.

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Year 9 completed their study of vocation to married life this week, by hosting a wedding fair in the RE room.

Today the average cost of a wedding in the UK is £20,000, with money spent lavishly on outfits, venue and catering. For many young couples, this is prohibitive and marriage is put off, whilst for others, married life starts with money problems and debt.

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Primary 1 have been thinking about the changing seasons this week. They have been for a walk around the school to look for signs of Autumn.

They collected lots of different coloured leaves that have fallen from the trees to use in their art work.


Reception Class are learning all about Farms this term. They enjoyed fixing the Farmer’s tractor and also found out that the cereals they eat in the morning are grown in the farmer’s fields! They had lots of fun crunching them all up!


Primary 3 and Primary 4 had a wonderful trip yesterday to the Potteries Museum in Hanley. Primary 3 took part in an archaeological dig, to find out about how people lived in the Stone Age whilst Primary 4 were lucky enough to be shown Ancient Greek pots that were over 2000 years old. They felt very special in being able to see these primary sources for themselves. This enabled the children to see how historians have been able to record so much information about the past.

A fun day out for all the children!

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