P4 had lots of fun today making various angles in playdough as part of their maths lessons with Mrs Banks. To add to the fun Mrs Dickson came and joined in! The class did a great job explaining to her the difference between acute, obtuse, reflex and right angles. After that, the children used protractors to measure their angles to see if their predictions were correct.

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Today Pre-school have been celebrating Australia day. This morning they learnt where Australia is in the world, and we discussed how we could travel there if we wanted to visit. The children have looked at Aboriginal art and completed their own pictures of Kangaroos and Koalas. They have also had the chance to play in the coral reef that was set up in the water tray and the small world Australian animals with Australian artefacts. The children also created and decorated their own Didgeridoos.

G'day mate!

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Mrs Kemp and her Year 11 History class chose to mark Holocaust Memorial Day by holding an assembly for the Senior School. The students explained to the school about the Nazi persecution of Jews, Roma and Sinti people, disabled people, gay people, Jehovah’s witnesses, political opponents and many others during the Second World. They explained why it is so important to challenge prejudice, discrimination and hatred in our own society today. At the end of the assembly, all of our Senior Students wrote a personal message promoting peace and harmony and how to stand up against prejudice. Their ideas were then strung up to show how St Dominic’s Priory School has marked Holocaust Memorial Day. 

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Last week, Pre-School continued with their ‘Superhero’ topic. Not only did they design their own superhero, but they also helped to create the new superhero headquarters role-play area and measured a variety of superheroes using cubes. They also enjoyed playing in the slime and dressing up as their favourite character! This week they will continue the superhero topic and another topic ‘Saving our Planet’.

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Today the children in Pre-School & Reception have been learning about and celebrating Burns Night. They have taken part in a variety of activities throughout the day including, looking at where Scotland is on the globe and in an atlas, and finding out about Robert Burns. They have watched clips of Scottish dancing and bagpipers. The children also completed some tartan weaving and painting, studied the Scottish flag, dressed up in a kilt and made shortbread – which was delicious.

They have all had a lovely day!

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Primary 4 have been reading a wonderful book called 'The Great Kapok Tree' by Lynne Cherry this week in guided reading.


The children have worked incredibly hard using persuasive writing techniques to create a brochure that persuades people to take more care with the planet’s rainforests. Today they finished the book with some great role play of the animals of the rainforest, trying to persuade the sleeping lumberjack not to cut down the Great Kapok Tree.


Introducing Mr Bruno's Inter House Quiz for you to test yourselves! Click Here to have a go.

Our students take part in this quiz fortnightly, during form time. The quiz is based on current affairs and is designed to encourage students to take a stronger interest in the world about them, as well as furthering inter-house rivalry.

*answers will be posted alongside next quiz


In Science, Primary 5 children have been learning about plant life cycles and found out about flower structure with Mr Messenger. Students learned about the different parts of flowers from diagrams before dissecting a tulip to identify structures inside a real plant.

All students enjoyed the practical activity although the tulips did not look so pretty afterwards!

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