Reception Class are learning all about Farms this term. They enjoyed fixing the Farmer’s tractor and also found out that the cereals they eat in the morning are grown in the farmer’s fields! They had lots of fun crunching them all up!


Primary 3 and Primary 4 had a wonderful trip yesterday to the Potteries Museum in Hanley. Primary 3 took part in an archaeological dig, to find out about how people lived in the Stone Age whilst Primary 4 were lucky enough to be shown Ancient Greek pots that were over 2000 years old. They felt very special in being able to see these primary sources for themselves. This enabled the children to see how historians have been able to record so much information about the past.

A fun day out for all the children!

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Please come and join us on our Open Days

Only when you and your child visit, will you truly appreciate what it is that makes our school so special.

For more information about the school and Open Days, please contact Louise Lloyd on 01785 814181 ext 2

Primary 2 enjoyed painting on their first day back at school. They were producing art for a display outside their classroom, which is about their summer holidays.

We are delighted to share the news that our students have achieved once again amazing results in their GCSEs.

The pass rate across all subjects was 100 %. With over one-third of entries resulting in A*/A and 91% passes at A* - C.

Our students' grades were once again significantly above the national average. In the core science subjects, they obtained on average 92% A*-C which must be commended.

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Our chosen whole school charity for the Summer Term was Lepra.

This charity does vital work in the fight against leprosy, which is still a life threatening but completely preventable disease that can ravage communities in many developing countries.

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St. Dominic's are Staffordshire School Games Tri Golf Bronze Medallists - twenty schools (two hundred children) from across Staffordshire were competing at the tri golf finals at the end of June.

Qualifying for the Staffordshire Schools Games Finals held at Keele University means that you have in tri golf, either come first or second in your District Competition and that you now face the best schools in Staffordshire on this day.

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