A reflective poem written by our Catholic Life Prefect, Meg, in response to the world wide Coronavirus crisis

let me show you a world...
let me show you world where the hunger's unseen
it’s  not splashed over papers or on neon bright screens
let me show you a world where the people don't care
where the rich all go blind to what is and is not fair.
let me show you a world full of travel and news,
but where far-away videos are starving for views.
let me show you a world where we panic and flap,
only if the problem lands right on our lap.
let me show you a world where we waste and destroy,
'go green' they all say what a tactical ploy.
let me show you a world where everything's wrapped,
in plastics on plastic leaving animals trapped.
where the hungry are dying while so many can save,
if we all live as one and all try to be brave,
working together in a logical way,
we won't be unnerved by what media say.
let us look at statistics, and not follow the crowd,
don't believe all the headlines, and the dull painted cloud.
lets make our own minds up and decide what we read,
not be whipped into frenzy powered by greed.
when everything's over let me show you a world, where the people are caring and no ones unheard.
where we all live together, we all live as one,
and where solidarity and kindness overall, won.


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