Year 9 students have been studying the characteristics of the tropical rainforest biome in their Geography lessons.

They were set a homework project to study a specific rainforest such as The Amazon Rainforest; they focussed on the adaptations of plant and animal species to the rainforest climate.

The Y9 class enjoyed exploring the rainforest topic and chose to present their work in different forms, such as; fact files, wall displays, paintings, and even a cake model! Shauney created a cake model of the rainforest and shared the cake with the class.

You can see some examples of their work below:

Philippa used her knowledge of the tropical rainforest biome to support a creative project at her brother’s nursery. She helped the nursery teacher to create a wonderful rainforest display as can be seen in the image below.

Mrs Longmore was very impressed with the students work and awarded House points for their efforts.

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