'On Thursday 4th April, Max and Emma from Signal 1 came in to talk to us about the life of a radio station. Max is a presenter on the overnight show and Emma is a creative writer; creating and voicing adverts!

For the first task, we had to create our own radio show in small groups. In each group, we had; two presenters, a news presenter, a weather presenter and a producer. After we had planned and written our show, we had to perform it in front of the visitors, class and teachers.

For the main competition, we had to create an advert for our school Open Day and it could only be 30 seconds long; which was quite difficult! We had to write and plan it, and then time ourselves performing it. The winning team, (Kitty, Laken, Maddie, Helen, and Isaac) left school after lunch and headed to the Signal 1 studio in Stoke-on-Trent, with Mrs Harrison. When they arrived, they were taken to the recording studio where Chris, the editor set them up to speak each of their lines separately into a microphone. He then blended them all together to make it sound like an advert!

After the winning team recorded their advert, the rest of us arrived and we all went to a boardroom where Emma told us all about the jobs in radio. We then had the opportunity to ask Eliot Holman, who is a presenter for Signal 1, questions about all things showbiz. We asked him things about the people he has interviewed (Ariana Grande, Jess Glynne, James Arthur and Ed Sheeran). We were in there for about 30 minutes and then we went around the site for a tour of all the studios. We even saw presenters live on air! We met people who work in various jobs as we walked around.

The new building looked really modern and sleek, and it had very high tech. equipment; therefore making it easier to record and broadcast the shows.

An enjoyable day for everyone.'

- Written by Kitty

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