At around 7am on a dark Saturday morning, a group of KS4, Mrs Crofts, Mrs Hughes, Miss Perry and Miss Bartlett all met at Stafford station to catch the train down to London for a showing of 'An Inspector Calls'. After we all got our Starbucks coffee, which was much needed, we gathered onto the train and headed off.

On arrival at Euston Station the stress was on for the teachers to get us all on the underground tube safely, more importantly, the right one!

Even though it was a busy day on the underground, we managed to get to Putney without leaving anyone behind. From there it was approximately a 15-minute walk in the pouring rain to get to the restaurant. Even though we were all drenched and our eyelids were getting heavy as we had all been up since around 5 o’clock, we had a really lovely meal and a welcome rest which re-energised us for the tube to Wimbledon to the Wimbledon Theatre.

We all took our seats and Miss Bartlett managed to calm down many excited students before the play began. Everyone loved the play; especially after studying it in English lessons. A grand house stands on stilts in the distance, with the majority of the stage being taken up by the surrounding street. A dramatic scene in the play that everyone liked was when the entire family was being broken apart (visually realised by the house tipping to the side and all the fine crockery inside harshly smashing onto the street below) as Goole’s questioning makes them each reveal what they each did to Eva Smith.

Following the performance, we left the theatre at 4pm and made our way to the tube station and then on to Euston for our return trip home. We had a most enjoyable day and all students would like to thank the staff for accompanying us!

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