Brighten Up with CAFOD CAFOD bright jumper day 18 4

Pupils and staff alike donned brightly coloured jumpers, tights, gloves and ties in response to the CAFOD initiative for Harvest.

We are standing in solidarity with the poor of the world, recognising their plight, and giving a donation to the wonderful work of CAFOD for the privilege of forgoing our uniform rules for one day.

Monies collected will be offered up at our Harvest Mass.


What is love?

This thoughtful and inspirational piece of writing was completed by a Year 9 student, after being tasked to write a wedding sermon as part of the RE topic, 'Vocation to Married Life'.


We are here today, why? To join this young couple together in holy matrimony, why? We join this couple together because they love each other; but what is love? Where does it come from? What does it mean?

This word is said so often that it loses its value. People love shoes, a dress or a certain meal; but not in the way that they love their family or their friends. The Greeks have four words for four different types of love

Storge – family love
Eros – romantic love
Philia – friendship
Agape – Christian love

The love that we talk about associated with marriage is all four. You will love your partner as part of your family, you will love them romantically, they will be your friend and companion for life and you will love each other unconditionally with Christian love.

All love comes from God, God loves us unconditionally with the Greatest love of all St. Paul’s letter to the roman’s stated that ‘He showed his unconditional love for us in the greatest way possible, while we were still sinners Christ died for us! We must remember that Christ died so that we may be forgiven God will always forgive you if you are sorry. You will make lots of mistakes in marriage but remember Jesus’ one wish. “love one another as I have loved you.

This young couple love each other so wholly that they wish to be joined together in the eyes of God. Today they will vow to love and honour one another forever. This journey will not be easy. But through your marriage, you must remember that you love one another and you must remember what love is through the words of St. Paul to the Corinthians.

“Love is Patient”, give your partner time and space when they need it, do not hurry anything; you will know when the time is right. “Love is kind”, love and nurture your partner always. “Love does not envy or boast”, be happy for your partner in their success and they, in turn, will be happy for you too. “Love is not arrogant or rude”, listen to one another and value each other’s opinion; never ignore your partner’s feelings or emotions. “Love does not insist on its own way”, work together and compromise, one must always consult with the other before making a decision. “Love is not irritable or resentful”; honest mistakes can and will happen, be forgiving and never hold anything against your partner. “Love does not rejoice at wrongdoing but rejoices with the truth”, truth and honesty is ever so important, be completely honest and truthful to your partner and you love for one another will flourish. “Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things and endures all things”. Your married life will be enjoyable but challenging at times stand together through everything, when things get hard, bear with each other, hope and pray together and you're married love for each other will be unbreakable. Love never ends. Enjoy each other’s company and love forever.



Rosary Club


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A group of P3-P6 children meet on Wednesday lunchtimes for Rosary Club with Mrs Gauvin. They light a candle, pick up some Rosary beads and start to learn how to pray the Rosary. They also use the time for their own quiet reflections




Summer Term 2018 Fund Raising

Our chosen whole school charity for the Summer Term was Lepra.
This charity does vital work in the fight against leprosy, which is still a life threatening but completely preventable disease that can ravage communities in many developing countries.Lepra Logo
After listening to a moving presentation about the disease and its effects on people’s lives, pupils collected donations from generous friends and family members – sometimes in return for completing some household chores or achieving a certain goal. The money was brought into school during the penultimate week of the term and handed over to Julie Wood, a Lepra representative. The grand total was a fantastic £643.92, which will buy 211 pairs of specially designed shoes for those whose feet have been damaged by this disease, and so allow them greater mobility and the ability to continue a normal life.
By way of thanking the children, they were all treated to a fun Zumba /street dance session held at lunchtime. Some staff were encouraged to participate too!



First Holy Communion 2018

On 8th May 2018, Ethan and Alice took their first Holy Communion. Alice looked beautiful in her white dress and Ethan, extremely smart in his suit and red tie. Father Doyle led a wonderful and moving service. 

 Children from Pre-school to Year 9 joined together in church to share this special event in the children's Catholic life. Ethan and Alice were supported in their preparations by their classes and children from Primary 3 and 5 who sang in the choir. Primary 5 also handed out service sheets and led the bidding prayers, whilst Primary 3 led the offertory procession with great confidence.

After the service, the sun shone and in true St Dominic's tradition the pupils, parents and staff formed a guard of honour along the green. Ethan and Alice led the procession to great applause followed by their family and friends. All children from Primary 3 and 5 were then treated to a celebratory tea in the dining hall. A beautiful cake was provided by Ethan and Alice’s families and lovely flowers, gifts and cards were laid out for them. Prep Staff donated food. A very special thank you should go to Eleanor from Olive Catering, who came in on Bank Holiday Monday to prepare for the tea.

It was a wonderful and memorable whole school occasion that the children will remember forever.

The following prayer was offered for the First Communicants and their families: 

The Spirit's Peace...

Wherever you live in this world,

Whatever place you make your home,

Whether your dwelling be humble or grand,

May the Lord's peace be his gift to you;

The peace of the Spirit to refresh you,

Peace to uplift you, peace to enfold you.

May the Spirit renew your innermost being

With the peace that passes

All understanding.




Lenten Lunches 2018 

Well done everybody!

Our Lenten Lentenlunches have raised: £136.88

The money has been sent off to Cafod, and they will use it to make a difference to the lives of our brothers and sisters in the developing world. Mrs Cook was moved to see the way in which, once more, St Dominic’s pupils entered into the spirit of the Lenten lunches; they have eaten simply and given generously so that others may simply eat.

Let us not forget that our many privileges come with responsibilities, and as a Catholic school we have a duty to work for a fairer world, where all enjoy the same rights and opportunities.

‘Dear young people, do not give up your dreams of a more just world!’


Stations of the Cross March 2018


Term ended with a moving Stations of the Cross service in Priory Hall, led by Year 9 pupils.

The Eighth Station, ‘Women of Jerusalem’, provided a focus and had been sculpted out of wire and metal. The piece was inspired by the Sean Rice Stations, Stationsviewed earlier in the term on a visit to Liverpool’s Catholic cathedral.

The Way of the Cross was presented as a narrative, delivered from the viewpoint of Mary, as well as with meditations, adapted from a collection entitled ‘Stations; then and now’, and prayers – some of which had been written by members of the Year 9 class. 

The service was enhanced by the accompaniment of some beautiful music performed by the School Choir, including some from Boyce and Stanley’s ‘Born for This’, a number from Godspell, and two Resound Worship pieces, performed by soloist Anna-Grethe Schwartz.




Soli Retreat March 2018

Pupils returned to school after three days on retreat at Soli House in Alton, with Mrs Burge and Mrs Cook.

Whilst there, all had the opportunity to take time out from the pressures of school work; pray; reflect on what was important to them in life; strengthen P1010381 2friendships and support each other in the various challenges set for them.

Amongst other things, they completed a 6 mile guided walk through the woods on arrival, with hot chocolate and cake at the Ramblers Retreat en route; directed or acted in a short film - one group choosing Jonah and the Whale (Jeremy Kyle style), another group - a Disney version of David and Goliath; pitched their product for a Gospel app to 'Alan Sugar’; Sat in quiet reflection in the beautiful attic chapel, lit with fairy lights; sang modern worship songs in Mass, accompanied by beatbox and guitar; and, perhaps most importantly of all, spent time together, chatting, playing cards or board games, without a mobile phone in sight.



Guilt Free Chocolate

20180207 101347Year 9 pupils ran a Fair Trade tuck shop in the RE room today and encouraged fellow pupils and staff to shop ethically.

Buying from the Fairtrade foundation allows us to stand in solidarity with producers in LEDCs by acknowledging their hard work and giving them a fair price for their product.

The chocolate tastes good too!




The Power of Words - Holocaust Memorial Day

Year 8 have been involved in a Holocaust Memorial Day project in their RE lessons this week.

IMG 0522

After reading the story of Renie Inow, who came to England on the Kinder transport in 1939, and the story of Sedin, who escaped the Bosnian massacre in 1995, pupils have written and decorated postcards of hope which will be sent to Renie and Sedin via the HMD Trust.

 In memory of all those who suffered in the Jewish Holocaust and all genocides since the activity ended with a reflection on our determination to oppose discrimination in all its forms, and prayer.

Below you can find the Jewish prayer found in the Ravensbruck concentration camp in 1945.

Lord, remember not only the men and woman of good will also 

those of ill will.

But do not only remember the suffering they have inflicted on us.

Remember the fruits we have brought, thanks to this suffering.. 

Our comradeship, our loyalty, our humility, the courage, the generosity, 

the greatness of heart which has grown out of all this.

And when they come to judgment, let all the fruits we have borne be 

their forgiveness.  Amen


Year 9 RE/Art Trip to Liverpool


On Wednesday 10th January Year 9 pupils, accompanied by Mrs Cook and Miss Jovanovic, travelled to Liverpool to carry out some preliminary work for their Stations of the Cross Project.
Wigwam Small
After a guided tour of the stunning modern Catholic Cathedral of Christ the King, the girls settled down to each sketch one of the fourteen beautiful bronze sculpted stations that adorn the walls of this ‘Cathedral in the round’. 

This year’s finished work will be inspired by the Liverpool Stations, sculpted for the Cathedral by local artist, Sean Rice, over twenty years ago and yet still have a very modern feel.  Both pupils and staff agreed that Rice’s work had managed to combine both a brutality and tenderness in its depiction of Christ’s passion.

On our return to school we called at Crosby Beach for a bracing walk and a chance to admire Antony Gormley’s installation, ‘Another Place’; one hundred identical male figures, standing unmoved and staring out to sea. Quite a contrast to the work of Rice but more inspiration for our young artists nevertheless!



Light a Light


rotationNovember is a month in which we pray for the Holy Souls. Pupils and Staff visited St. Anne's Chapel at lunchtime to light a candle for those they have loved and lost.

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and may perpetual light shine upon them.

May they rest in peace.  Amen.




 The Annual Combined Schools' Mass


From Phone 050

On the 12th October students and staff attended the annual Combined Schools' Mass at St Gregory's in Longton. In his homily, Bishop David McGough talked to all the young people about the challenges of living out our faith and the thoughtful student reflection on Blessed Oscar Romero brought home to us all the reality of this challenge.

Pictured are pupils, holding high the Dominican banner.




Prize Winning Poets

Pupils from Year 9, celebrated after their poem, ‘The Journey’, won an award of special merit in a national poetry completion.

IMG 2824The competition was launched by the Catholic Independent Schools Conference and was open to both primary and secondary school pupils. The theme specified was the Resurrection and as Year 9 pupils had just completed this topic in their RE lessons, it seemed appropriate to pen a poem.

 The poem was a class effort, with each pupil contributing a line. It referenced the characters and events they had been studying, and it was completed in one lesson. The title alludes to a religious conversion from doubt and uncertainty to belief, and the poem concludes with the words of the risen Jesus to Doubting Thomas, words relevant to believers of all time.

The Journey

The mourning Mary before the tomb.
Undecided disciples filled with gloom.
The story unfolds, could it be true?
Jesus has died for me and you.
Broken bread, doubt removed; Peter, his allegiance proved.
The sun shone behind his majestic head,"Rabboni Lord, you are risen from the dead."
Eternal life, ourselves redeemed,“Blessed are those who have not seen”.


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