By Their Fruits...

How do we measure the success of a Catholic Education?

'By their fruits, you shall know them' Matthew 7:16

Here at St Dominic’s we strive for academic excellence and consider our school environment and ethos, in which every child is nurtured and guided to reach their full potential, to be an important factor in our examination success, year on year. However, we consider the fact that we play a part in the development of some very compassionate and courageous young people, willing to serve and to speak out against injustice, as a far greater prize.

As educators, we are concerned with the development of the whole person. All those that have passed through our school should leave with respect for all human life, made in the image of God; with a social conscience, rooted in Catholic social teaching; and with, at the very least, a sense of the Divine.

In recent years we have seen several of our young people give of their time to work in deprived areas of Africa:
Eve Phillips –Rwanda 2014

Amelia Russell – Mombassa 2015

Zara Hirji – Kenya 2017
(All of these pupils were awarded the Catenian Sheild for service at our Prize Giving Evening at the end of each year)

Others pupils of note include:

Former pupil, Emily Wilson (who left our school in 2005), is now Doctor Emily Wilson and has gone on to found a charity which works for the empowerment of women in Kenya. She has also been active in a campaign to end the practice of FGM in several African countries.

Alice-Rose Perry (who left St.Dominic’s in 2011) is now a constable in the London Metropolitan Police force. Alice took a year out during her degree to work as a volunteer for the U.N in the war-torn Middle East.

Philippa Slingsby left St. Dominic's in July 2008 having completed a degree at the University of Birmingham in Biological Sciences; she then worked as a Community Youth Worker at an inner city church in Leeds. She is currently in her final year at Durham University reading VocationalTheology in preparation for becoming an Anglican Minister.

Alice Chatburn (now Lomas), studied Education and Sociology at Durham University. She then worked at a not-for-profit organisation, specialising in care for the elderly and those with learning disabilities. In her current role, she supports vulnerable and troubled children in homes and schools.

We know that there are many other former pupils too, that, inspired by Gospel values and perhaps in ways less obvious but no less important, are serving others and so helping to bring about God’s Kingdom.

We are very proud of them all. 

“Let us not develop an education that creates in the mind of the student a hope of becoming rich and having the power to dominate.  Let us form in the heart of the young person the idea of loving, of preparing oneself to serve, and of giving oneself to others.” Inspiring words from Blessed Oscar Romero

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